Updating the Renaissance (Matteini+Associates).

A series of frescos and eighteenth-century gates among modern technologies and a design characterized by the use of the white color. The new Matteini+Associates’ office in Palazzo Rospigliosi Pallavicini in Pistoia combines the history of the building and the its present function with harmony, in a bright and creative atmosphere that allows a dynamic and flexible way of working.

Palazzo Rospigliosi Pallavicini, built around the XIV century and composed by the union of different medieval tower-houses, still preserves the sixteenth-century features in the facades. In the palace the present need of technology and innovation were perfectly harmonized with the elegance of the preexisting interiors.
It was the same architectural and interior design firm Matteini+Associates, founded by Marco Matteini in 2013, to develop the project of their own office, using their experience in the restoration field.
The design was thought considering the evolution of the ways of working concept that nowadays requires the succession of spaces for sharing and private areas, to maximize the comfort and the productivity. From this point of view the union between classical and contemporary elementes works perfectly. Matteini+Associates’ office has 250 sqm surface based on the criterias of simplicity and functionality, taking a particular attention to the design of face to face workspaces, allowing team working, sharing and supporting creativity.
Text by Gabriele Masi.


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