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I love you with design! not only at Valentine’s Day.

How to say I love you in the Valentine’s Day? with a flower? No, say it with a design object. A romantic statement through archetypal symbols, an embrace or a heart that design can transform into small speaking sculptures.

Amore is the embrace of two tables designed by Thomas Eriksson proposed by Materia (Kinnarps Group) supporting each other, the two planes are able to withstand heavy loads without losing stability, just as happens in a couple.
The most classic symbol is a heart, transformed in a stool by Gianni Veneziano and Luciana Di Virgilio (Veneziano+Team) a couple in work and life. It is made in cedar wood by Riva 1920.

Amore, a secure embrace, design by Thomas Eriksson, produced by Materia (Gruppo Kinnarps).
Coffee tables have long been faced with a problem – they are rickety and unstable. Amore is the solution. Through a unique design, in which the two tables support each other, it is able to withstand heavy loads without losing its stability. The shape created by the two tabletops merging resembles an embrace, inspiring thoughts of two people in love.
Designer Thomas Eriksson has designed Amore as both a coffee table and bar table, in a range of different heights and table tops.

One Love: the wooden heart, design by Gianni Veneziano and Luciana Di Virgilio, Veneziano+Team), produced by Riva 1920.
Once Upon a time a piece of wood, which, thanks to the capable hands of a team of creatives, has become a heart. A solid and strong heart, but able to beat for passion.
The stool “One Love”, made of cedar wood, is the outcome of a love story born around a drawing board. A four handed work signed by Gianni Veneziano and Luciana Di Virgilio, in art  Veneziano+Team studio, a couple both in life and work. A symbolic and ancestral shape, the heart has already characterized the previous Gianni Veneziano’s projects in production, between art and design, who has thus made it the subject of experimentation over the years. Reworked this year for Riva 1920 in a modern version, it’s now minimalist and contemporary, despite its familiar and well-known silhouette.One Love_Riva1920_Gianni Veneziano-Luciana Di Virgilio_Veneziano+Team-wow-webmagazine

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