Victorinox: the brand mirrored in the new offices (by Gerhard Harmel).

The buildup of Victorinox‘s distribution center, designed by Gerhard Harmel, perfectly reflects the corporate identity in the red furnishings, trademark color of the swissness as well in the guidelines. A perfect business card for customers and business partners.

The well known red Swiss Army Knife was created in 19th century; this multi-tool became a worldwide cult object. “Honesty, reliability, and superior quality” are strong characters apply to the pocket knife and to all the other products in the Victorinox family that contributed to the success of the company on the market.
The distribution center based in Waldshut, Germany was recently expanded with a new building. This elegant structure not only features a storage depot, offices, and a showroom, but reflects the philosophy of Victorinox, right down to the interior design and furnishing.
“The USM Haller Modular Furniture system is a classic, like the Swiss Army Knife,” says designer and contractor Gerhard Harmel, of DSW , who conceived the stylish cubic architecture. The materiality, workmanship, design, and durability of Victorinox products served as guidelines for the architecture and interior design.


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