Video clip: Dieffebi ‘s approach to acoustics.

Boost by an overview to “office environment evolutionDieffebi has created in recent years furnishings that meet the needs of new ways of working. Among these, particularly current is the theme of acoustics which gave concrete answers with targeted products aimed to “Provide solutions to the problem of Acoustics to improve the livability of tomorrow“, as claimed Alberto De Zan, President of Dieffebi.

The acoustic comfort concept is driver of highly effective products as Primo Acoustic and of a new culture of wellness in the workplace and was also the theme of the first workshop organized at the headquarters in San Vendemmiano (TV) with the contribution of Z Lab Engineering expert in the field of acoustics and sound absorption materials.

The video tells about the workshop on acoustics held by Dieffebi.
 Speakers: Alberto De Zan, President of Dieffebi, Thomas Du Pre, Marketing&Sales Dieffebi, Michael Burford, Sales Director Dieffebi and Lorenzo Rappo, acoustic engineer Z Lab.

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