Jacopo Acciaro, founder of Voltaire.

Ways of Designing: Jacopo Acciaro.

Jacopo Acciaro is the founder of Voltaire, a professional organization composed of architects and industrial designers which develops designs for indoor and outdoor lighting, as well as studying custom made lighting fixtures. Voltaire dedicates its ideas and energy to designers, architects, engineering firms and companies.

What is your “rapport” with light?

Light is my way of expressing passion for architecture and of being inventive.

What is the role of light in architecture and interior design?

A fourth dimension has arisen: it connects volumes, sets off the material and has a huge expressive potential.

Does Voltaire apply the same planning model or does it change its approach according to the different situations?

Although referred to the different situations, the approach is always based on the analysis of the architectural project and absorbs its features, issues and requirements.

Has Voltaire been used to light up quite different environments?

The world of lighting has followed this change in the working environment and can give an essential contribution to increase quality standards. Lighting is a key factor in the user’s efficiency and wellbeing..

Are there any conceptual “contaminations” and shared elements in the planning areas you operate on?

The subject of space perception is always discussed in our approach to the project. Besides the technical aspects, a suitable ambiance should be created at any time and for all visual requirements. Mood-consciousness derives from other areas, like retail trade or entertainment.

What are the emergent trends in the lighting industry for the working and tertiary environment?

In a nutshell, I’d say: a higher quality of wellbeing, miniaturization of sources of light and energy saving through LED technologies; possibility of changing illuminance levels and light temperature and, most of all, greater visual stimuli and dynamism in the working environment.

Brochure Voltaire

Brochure Voltaire

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