Ways of Designing: Basaglia, Rota Nodari.

We met Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Rota Nodari during Orgatec at Diemmebi stand where some new products were launched. Among them S’Mesh, the chair selected by ADI Index 2016 for Compasso d’Oro, an example of functional and cross-sector chair for office, home and contract.
Design is industrialized art. An expression of the company that produced it” you can read in the Facebook page of this couple that  dice 20 years work in architecture, industrial and interior design. Their design stands out for the neat lines and a marked identity, the common objective of their products is to be handy for the user and profitable for the manufacturer, too.

Is your design approach the same everywhere and with all kinds of companies or does the approach change to the different situations?
Each project is a journey together with a company and when you reach your destination that’s really great. After defining the goals together with the entrepreneur, the project always starts from all the analysis of the production steps.

You operates on quite different markets and fields. Do your analyses show new users life styles and requirements?
Life styles are constantly evolving and the new key words are cost, ethics and quality. We should speak of life experience rather than life style, the objects should be functional to our own life.

Are there any conceptual “contaminations” and common elements between the many design areas you deals with?
We are constantly contaminated with new challenges and it isn’t always easy to handle them. We are after a balance between rationality and instinct, urged by curiosity.

How has the workspace vision changed in the past few years and have these changes an impact on the new interior design and furniture products?
A revolution has occurred: now the person is the core of the project, not its functions .The lounge areas are increasingly important and the walls are replaced by the high backs of an armchair. Chairs and desks are adjustable to offer a better comfort for all the activities.

What scenarios and evolutions do you expect for the office and the ways of working in the near future?
It’s hard to foretell. We must picture the office as a service and not as a physical place. Coworking and “third places”as airports, train stations, outdoor areas are the future planning challenge.


Refurbishment of a brick furnace with an office building integrated above.
“The Wood from nature to things” Exhibition of 32 timber industry companies in the Bergamo area.
Pilotis collection for Vlaemynck-Fermob. outdoor furniture for Hotel and Contract, made of aluminium, teak, and technical fabric.
Colette lamp designed for Pedrali.
S’Mesh, Diemmebi, office and contract chair collection selected in ADI Index 2016.
Zeroquindici, Diemmebi. Modular bench made of metal rod.



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