Ways of Designing: Odoardo Fioravanti.

Odo Fioravanti studied Industrial design at Politecnico in Milan and in 2003 opened his Studio and worked in many different areas of industrial design for many important italian and foreign companies. In 2011 he won the XXII Compasso d’Oro ADI with the Frida chair by Pedrali.

Fioravanti’s research is focused on finding successfull solutions for mass market products, with a strong attention in making them useful, democratic, desirable. Odo usually says that “form does matter.”and the delicate beauty of objects is his goal (before Sorrentino…)
Is the planning model of Studio Fioravanti the same everywhere in the world and with all kinds of companies or design products or does the approach change to the different situations?
The planning pattern is ever-changing, obviously according to the customer’s requests, that we try to meet with our design procedure, usually consisting of phased-in changes. Which is something absolutely nonlinear.
You operates on quite different markets and fields. What are the main emerging needs and lifestyles during last years?
We mainly analyze new behaviors and emergent needs and then the project is based on these requests. So we like to draw inspiration from scenarios not always corresponding to custom.
Are there any conceptual “contaminations” and common elements between the many design areas you deals with?
No doubt my education conveys cultural, form and function references, often implicit, to the design. The search for a sign to combine my work definitely is a daily effort. As I said, I’m always very conscious of the surroundings to meet the demands of the “present-day”.
What scenarios and evolutions do you expect for the office and the ways of working in the near future?
I think the office scenery will be marked by increasingly domestic rooms to be personalized, perhaps places where workers can create a cozy space through new technologies and flexible furniture systems.
1, Odoardo Fioravanti.
Frida chair by Pedrali (design Odoardo Fioravanti) Compasso d’Oro 2011 award.
3, Babila chair by Pedrali (design Odoardo Fioravanti).
4, Colibrì light by Foscarini (design Odoardo Fioravanti).
5, Dragonfly chair by Segis (design Odoardo Fioravanti).
6, Fusion kitchen tools by Norman Copenhagen (design Odoardo Fioravanti).
7, Corace bag by Toshiba (design Odoardo Fioravanti).
8, Sveva bed by Flou (design Odoardo Fioravanti).
9, Galileo telescope by Palomar (design Odoardo Fioravanti).

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