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Ways of marketing. Superbacana!

To innovate in interior design means also to find new ways to approach the market using the web and offering solutions to real needs.

Superbacana! is an idea simple yet effective created by Monica Samori e di Enrico Bernuzzi. It offers the advice of a small team of architects that will provide ideas, suggestions and solutions for those who wants to give a new life to their homes or to a single room, for those who need new ideas for their workspace, their office, or want to give a new look to their shop.
Everything happens online, from start to finish, in a very short period of time and with a lot of money saved. In other words, fast and low-cost interior design.

It all starts from the website Everyone can find a custom solution for his taste and his budget. The creators of Superbacana! have created six different “tailor–made” offers, six ready-to-use packets full of style and fresh ideas, from 5 to 40 euros/sqm.

With Superbacana! you will have a personal interior designer for a low cost, you will have high quality solutions and you will have ideas on what to do for your home, what to buy, where to put furniture and complements. A lot of time will be saved a lot of style will be gained.

The pictures show some steps of the project for Glue Glue communication agency based in Pavia who asked Superbacana! new ideas to update its spaces according to the different activities in progress.
Art direction, product design and photography are some of the primary task of the agency: this is why the new layout includes also a lounge area for small meetings and a new storage room.

Did you experience new ways of marketing too?

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