Welcome to the Jungle Office: XOhub.

A technological, hyperconnected and green “Jungle”: XOffice, dealer of Vitra and Thonet, has designed his multifunctional offices in Rome focusing on the the central role of plants and green in a workplace. XOhub is thought as a contemporary urban jungle that brings greater well-being to their inhabitants, in a constat balance among human, tech and nature.

The desire to promote an increasingly conscious use of greenery in the workplace lies behind XOhub, the first Office Jungle in Rome, in which plants become the real protagonists of the space. The 500 sqm multifunctional office designed by XOffice is completely pervaded by greenery which gives a biophilc sensation, aimed to enhance the well-being of the workers.


Other key features of XOhub are the eco-sustainability and the use of domotics and of an innovative technology that garantees a high level of flexibility and engagement. An example of it are the virual workstations that allows to work everywhere, building an interconnected and agile working enviroment. The contemporary language expressed through the selection of colors and materials create an original narrative throughout a multifunctional, open and modern working environment with a wide collaborative space, a dedicated area for informal meetings, a video conference and training room and a vip lounge.


The “Jungle Office” stages the meanings and the challenges of the contemporary ways of working, expressing the necessity of creating an ecosystem capable of reinterpreting the strategic intertwining between designed and technological space.
Text by Gabriele Masi.


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