Wellbeing and dynamic ergonomics in the workplace (Assufficio).

The document “Wellbeing in the Workplace” is an excerpt of one of the Assufficio Technical Commission’s research, that will be downloaded in the extended version, by the Assufficio website. The document explains the need of adaptability to the anthropometric dimensions, the problems of incorrect postures and also focuses on the new trend of sit-stand desks.
The conclusions? To reach wellness, it is important to change habits before changing the habitat.

The workers’ wellness depends on light, noise, temperature and, mainly, the right posture. The workstation should be adaptable to the user’s anthropometric size, through an ergonomic seat and a height adjustable desk. Working sitting in front of the computers, the correct posture is not enough for the worker’s health. He should have the opportunity to change position, to stand and move.

For this reason smart working and activity based office are good for our work -life balance and our heath too.
The document suggests standards for chairs and analyzes the desks by classification based on heigh and adjustment type.


Simply switching between seated and standing position, for ten minutes every hour, would allow us to minimize the negative effects of extended sitting, improving our work efficiency.

Pictures by Ettore Schioppa, member of Assufficio Technical Commission, from the booklet “Wellbeing in the Workplace” ´©`Assufficio.


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