Wellness within the Workplace: conference in London (5th September 17).

WOW is media partner of the second edition of Wellness the conference will return to London on 5th September 2017 at Credit Suisse.
Wellness17 encompasses all aspects of Wellness including Mind, Body and Spirit and addresses some of the most interesting and challenging subjects such as the stigma of mental health, taming technology, nutrition, design, talking about Mindfulness, Ergonomics, Work-Life Balance and much more.
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Wellness builds on the success of Unwired’s Worktech series of conferences. Following a session at Worktech London with an emphasis on People & Wellness, Unwired really struggled to trim down the raft of extensive research to accommodate just a matter of hours. When post event feedback from that session was so favourably received, they decided that there was merit to having a specialist conference on that very topic alone.


Wellness in its broadest sense encompasses Mind, Body and Spirit. We will continue to build on the foundations of Worktech to further explore all the facets that affect Wellness within the Workplace, from the impact of technology, job design, best practices.
Core themes for this year’s event include confronting mental health issues, enriching employees through mindfulness activities, defining best practices, adapting to changing work environments, creating healthier workplaces with an emphasis on people, design, body and health.
The conference will explore key influencers of work depression such as stress and workplace bullying, examine key tools for providing a healthy work-life balance and how to ‘switch off’ from stressful jobs as well as facing challenges of gender equality and diversity at work.
With the cost of recruitment ever rising, it is the smart companies that are looking at cost of their Human Capital, and ensuring that by providing not only a destination workplace but by investing in the wellbeing of their staff they will recruit and retain the very brightest talent, increasing profitability, by not only engaging staff, but by reducing costs to the business due to ill-health or recruitment.

Astoundingly, one in four, 25% of the population, will be affected by Mental Health at some point within their lives.  With the increase of smartphones, the line between work and leisure time is becoming ever more blurred, it makes sense that this is set to increase. Employers need to be smart on their governance of staff, to identify those working long hours, or that are showing signs of an unhealthy work balance. We will identify how companies can utilise simple cost effective strategies to enhance the workplace and encourage both emotionally literate, and emotionally resilient staff.

It will be explored how job design can improve both emotional wellbeing within the workplace, and improve physical health. Ergonomics – with the rise of Bring Your Own Device to work, and smart working, are we laying the foundations for a RSI epidemic? We will address these issues along with how the furniture that you use at work can help you focus and be more productive.

Mindfulness, everybody’s talking about it, everyone’s doing it, there’ve even a parliamentary initiative about it!  How do we incorporate the proven benefits within the workplace, and help ground staff and provide this invaluable tool to increase emotional resilience? The effects of having engaged staff can be profound and communication strategies throughout the business can provide the key. There is a wealth of activities that can positively influence wellness of employees, from art to choirs, table tennis and social networks – we will explore these, along with some of the more quirky, and question, what can you do and why should you do it.


Hosted at Deloitte Auditorium, Wellness made it’s successful debut in 2016 with over 150 senior professionals attending the event. Key Speakers included Andy Gibson, Author and Founder, Mind Apples Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, Author Dr Craig Knight, Director of Haddleton Knight Sally Boyle, International Head of Human Capital Management, Goldman Sachs Carl Honoré, award-winning writer and author of internationally best-selling book, In Praise of Slow and many others.


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