Wittenstein Innovation, Factory in movement.

At the new Wittenstein Innovation Factory, in Igersheim, everything is about movement and flexibility: here all the 300 workplaces, furnished by Sedus, are highly mobile. The whole furniture is on castors so that teamworks are able to reorganise and reconfigure the space again and again in an open and bright room under one roof.

A total of 1,800 people are employed in the headquarters of Wittenstein AG in Igersheim. The culture of innovation is the focus of this mechatronics centre, where movement is made possible and progress is stimulated.
Sedus met the desire for flexibility with many special solutions: all desks are on castors, as are partitions, storage units and communication elements. The personal documents of employees are in caddies, which in the evening are parked in a designated garage. So everyone always has their most important tools with them, no matter where or with whom they happen to be working in a team.
Large areas without walls allow quick workplace’s changing, turning the space into new scenarios waiting to be discovered. In this optimal ergonomic environment meetings are really easy to arrange using mobile acoustic elements from the Sedus’s Mooia series and the Temptation c desks with their motorised height adjustment.
Text by Gabriele Masi.


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