Wooden and melamine sound proofing panels.

TrèSSpine Screen and Sound versions- is a new, versatile furnishing system by Mascagni. Its modular panels, in steel, melamine and wood, are specifically designed to ensure rapid reconfiguration and  its sound absorbing panels, in laminate, wood and fabric, contain the most advances technologies to ensure the best in acoustic comfort and finishings.

TrèS is the system created by Mascagni and Ergon Design that combines accessorized modular panels and transparent or sound-insulating screens of different heights and widths, with optional integrated cabling.

TrèS System includes TrèSound, a sound absorption innovative panel (in wood or high pressure laminate) based upon the principle of the Helmholtz multiple resonator, in combination with the acoustic absorption achieved by means of porous materials, since the panels contain polyester fibers. The product was developed closely with a team of companies, starting from aesthetic demands and production requirements linked to its manufacture and then perfecting the dimensions of the external layer of the panels to improve their acoustic absorption. For this reason they decided that the holes in the panels were to be of a specific size and specific distribution, and specified the density of the internal fibrous material, to obtain the best possible acoustic performance for a free-standing panel which was tested in the reverberation chamber with excellent results.


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