Workspace can encourage successful collaboration!

Thanks to Stephanie Aslan, London based professional who collaborate to Worktech organization, who opened a debate in WOW! Ways Of Working Linkedin Group sharing the article How Smart People Collaborate for Success by Kevin Daum published on Inc. Magazine, an ‘how to’ guide to encourage successful collaboration.
Most interesting, yet don’t you find something funny, or is it my professional bias, as an architect? Why they never talk about space, environment, lay-out? No advice about these aspects? They are considered of minor importance and not affecting the possibility of cooperating more effectively? After decades spent promoting quality-consciousness in a working environment (and also living environment for more than 8 hours…), I’m disappointed to see that even experts in office work organization “forget” that a correct and flexible interior decoration, a good lighting and acoustics, colours and aesthetic details carefully chosen can make the difference!
Unfortunately, also the entrepreneurs seem to have this “oversight”, as sometimes they underestimate the value implied in a first-rate office, functional and attractive. They regard it just as a cost and not an investment.
Kevin, Stephanie if you are reading me, rap three times on the table!

Editorial by Renata Sias, editor of WOW! Webmagazine


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