The Smart City becomes Senseable.

Interview with Carlo Ratti, teacher at MIT on the relationship between Senseable City, hybrid Open Private Work Space and Future Workstyles.

How to Create a Smart Working Office.

10 Tips by Philip Vanhoutte for a smarter workplace.

Smart Working means competitiveness.

The results of the survey 2013 in Italy by Osservatorio Smart Working.

WOW! Jelly Session # 7: CSR.

At Sedus the nomadic meeting on CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility.

When I look out the window I’m working.

The settings on Ways Of Working presented at the conference organized by Assufficio.

Rubensluciano’s offices, Venice (by Simone Micheli).

The old memories have been enhanced through forms and materials of last generation.

A sustainable and human Business Center in Chile.

The World Green Center by cCe Arquitectos in Santiago, reflects a ‘new way’ to design sustainable office buildings.