Islands amid… sound waves.

The sound is an immaterial element that occupies time and spaces. It’s necessary to define comfort islands, so that we can live and work in comfortable environments.

Loft-office Ajando, Germany.

A sound installation too in the immateric project by Peter Stasek for Ajando, Golden A’Design Award winner.

Piazza-office Axa, Milan.

LEED classification building (by Goring&Straja) and inside comfortable Piazzas for new WOW (by Revalue).
1 snow-balls-not-vital-wow-webmagazine

When the glass plays a leading role.

It’s one of the favorite materials in design, architecture and art with interesting hybrids.

FM & new WOW: workplace vision towards 2020.

The survey to know workplace strategies and how FM will support them.

Ways of designing: Paolo Favaretto.

Exclusive interview with Paolo Favaretto, who celebrates the 40th anniversary of activity.
1 Alberto-Meda-wow-webmagazine

Ways of designing: Alberto Meda.

Exclusive interview with Alberto Meda and his son and partner Francesco.