A chair farm.

10 best-designed seats inspired by the animal world.
Empatia-degli -spazi-lombardini22-wow-webmagazine

Neuroscience, architecture and empathy of spaces.

The neuroscientist Vittorio Gallese talks about “mirror neurons” and explains to architects that form follows emotion, not function!

Mindfulness means happiness at work.

MindfulLab, “Search inside Yourself” and actual evidence of Mindfulness technics at work (Mediaset, Unicredit, Google).

REbuild 2013 Awards: the winners are…

Competition for upgrading sustainable projects: Lombardini22 1st prize; 2nd Laboratorio Architettura, 3rd Park Associati.
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UNStudio: Work-life balance architecture in Munich.

A sustainable residential and office complex will be developed in Munich, in a previous rail yard area 18,500 sqm.