An intuitive software to simulate and “hear” acoustics.

Caimi Brevetti has now an innovative software to maximize the use of Snowsound products: a sophisticated algorithm allows to “hear” and view the acoustics in a room.

WOW! Jelly Session #8: Flexibility.

Flexibility, adaptability, resilience, dynamic change, flexible design and organization.

A workplace that inspires people to take action.

Is the creative “ispiring” workplace model a new form of homogenization?

Building Automation half seriously half in jest.

From the cult movie Mon Oncle by Tati at Biennale to Number 6, sustainable refitting thanks to BTicino technologies.

Plant Picture: a touch of “green”, saving space.

“Biophilia” in the office? Fulfill your desire with vertical gardens, easy-to-mantein artwork to hang on your wall.

Light Art Ensemble: light as an expressive phenomenon and design project.

Light projects that interact with the architecture, the city and the natural environment to create a new visual and perceptual experience.

The “Empire of Senses”, Mantellassi’s offices by Fernando Mosca.

An industrial archeology space transformed into offices and showroom: emotions aroused by shapes, materials, environment and relationship with the Tuscany landscape.