Viral Video: take a look at the most viewed WOW! video from Milan Design Week.

The video interview Stephanie Borges of USM at the installation Rethink The Modular registra 3574 views on the WOW! Facebook page.
03-Barrisol-RossLovegrove- MantaLamp-wow-webmagazine

Shaping the light: Lovegrove and Castiglioni for Barrisol.

New lamp collection inspired by the stretch properties of the patented material.
Mesh-luceplan- francisco-gomez-paz-wow-webmagazine

Dancing and interactive lighting.

Moving and customizable lighting scenarios are one of the main trends of Euroluce 2015.

Noise is an obstacle to working perfomance.

A research commissioned by Plantronics reveals: bad office acoustics and noisy colleagues significantly decrease productivity.

2015: the International Year of Light.

Interview with Stefano Bordone, president of Assoluce, on the main themes related to Light and trends of Euroluce 2015.