Smart Working: new spaces for the new working models. 

A survey and a vivacious event promoted by Sedus and IFMA Italia have analysed how the new work styles change the concept of workplace and how the furniture functional to smart working will evolve.
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Street Art in the office.

Customizing the work environment using the art of graffiti. Coima Image’s managing director Alida Catella is one of the main promoter of this new trend.
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Plantronics’ office in Paris.

Plantronics Leads the Smarter Working Movement: in the new office in Paris waterfall, brainstorm room and enhanced headset solutions.

Space, People , Technology: the Smart Working’s values.

Less constraints, less perimeters and a leadership based on accountability and performance management.

Agile Working: results and prospects.

The results of the Milano's Agile Working Day 2015 confirm the benefits of this experiment were confirmed.
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Domotics e Disability: BTicino + INAIL Prostheses Center.

A BTicino's technology to improve the quality of disableds' life with INAIL Prostheses Center.

Interface’s latest technical innovation.

Interface creates a recycled latex substitute using laminate found in car glass.