Now We Work.

A study carried out by Il Prisma with PoliMi, Laboratorio di Neuroscienze Applicate GTechnology and Università Cattolica di Milano to define a new approach to design the innovative workplace.
x-ColourFutures- AkzoNobel-gold-color-of-the-year-2016-wow-webmagazine

ColourFutures AkzoNobel: Gold, Color of the Year 2016.

Download ColourFutures 2016 digital version: inspirations and palettes to introduce Gold in interior design.

Eliot: connected IoT objects in our daily life.

The new brand has the past and future of BTicino in it, a path of innovation and strategies of connectivity IoT.

Innovation Center: Intesa San Paolo tower in Turin.

The values of a flexible home-feeling-oriented space in the new collaborative project by Lago in the Intesa San Paolo’s Innovation Centre.

Smart Working isn’t a fashion.

In Italy nearly 50% of the big companies has adopted flexibility-oriented policies. Report of the survey 2015 Osservatorio Smart Working.