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Collision or collaboration? The impact of the Generation Z on the new ways of working.

A research by Ricoh Europe shows the challenges that the business models have to face dealing with the upcoming new generation.

The thousand facets of coworking: #coworkingeu.

Summary and videos by Coworking Europe Conference 2015 organized at Base space in Milan last November.

Half a million people are working in coworking spaces!

Around 7,800 coworking spaces worldwide, +36% last year and will increase in 2016: the feedback of the Global Coworking Survey.

Copernico, a revolutionary spirit for the workplace.

16.000 sq. of temporary offices, coworking and ancillary spaces with an outside park in Milan, designed by Studio DC10.

Anthropodesign: design, for mankind and environment.

A contemporary Design Manifesto by Francesco Schianchi for mankind, environment and the future.
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Sound from Materials to the Architectural Space.

After the Snowsound technology, Caimi Brevetti proposes a guide to relate acoustic design and the surrounding environment.

Textile floor to improve the acoustic comfort.

The Interface's manual Just The Facts presents some fundamental advices to evaluate sound absorption function.