Prooff, SitTable, design by UNStudio, a thinking place as well as a social meeting ground. (Emporio, via Tortona 31).

OfficeTeam: Office of the future 2020

Overview on Workplace evolution and a quiz to measure your “ACTION” skills for future success.  ...

WOW! jelly session #4

At Showroom BTicino Milan, the nomadic meeting on lighting.

A work-life balance container.

Mia Ped by Dieffebi. Design Takiro Yuta and Dorigo Design.
Jacopo Acciaro, founder of Voltaire.

Ways of Designing: Jacopo Acciaro.

Interview on light, design, perception.
Lorenzo Palmeri portrait (Photo Piero Perfetto).

Ways of Designing: Lorenzo Palmeri.

Interview on acoustics, music and design.