Music at the workplace: #WOWConcert @PianoCityMilano.

Taking part in Piano City Milano, on May 21st, WOW! Webmagazine organizes two free concerts featuring pianist Giulio Cassano at Clubhouse Brera. 

The 10 most innovative tables.

Dinner table or desk? Trying to lay down the differences. The versatile products of Milano Design Week are for home and contract.

The top 10 chairs for public spaces.

In furniture design, chairs are absolutely the most productive sector. WOW! selected the most innovative models for public spaces.

No space for boring offices at #VL16.

Ventura Lambrate offered interesting ideas about the way the new generations see the workplace. Rethinking the office is possible.

The kitchen in the office, the office in the kitchen.

The office gets convivial, but even the kitchen is changing. No more boundaries between kitchen and office at Salone del Mobile.