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The Microsoft House in Milan: opening the innovation towards the city.

A new model of a headquarter based on the idea of being an open innovation centre for the city (architecture by Herzog & De Meuron, interior design by DEGW).

The Vodafone headquarters in Padova (Dante Benini&Partners).

A smart, multifunctional, eco-friendly and open workplace where colors and lighting reflect dynamic ways of working.

When the walls come down inside offices: what works and what doesn’t.

A global research by Oxford Economics and Plantronics explains how to improve employee satisfaction and productivity.

No happy workplaces? Objection overruled.

Creating an happy workplace is one of the main focuses of the companies, the happiness expert Alexander Kjerulf helps us.
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New ways of living, from co-working to co-living.

New-concept spaces and buildings inspired by Sharing Economy offer shared living and co-working experiences.