WOW! meets Monica Forster.

WOW! Meets Monica Forster during Milano Design Week at showroom De Padova, on the occasion of the presentation of the componible sofa system Mimic.

De Padova, Mimic Design: Monica Forster, 2014
Mimic, a name inspired by the unique talent for camouflage of the Mimic Octopus, which adapts to the various hues of the marine environment, comes from Monica Fšrster’s idea of designing a new kind of component sofa for De Padova. To create design settings and permit contemporary reinterpretation of any type of space, Mimic has a simple form and an intrinsic movement created by the softness of the details in the seat and the cushions. The combination of modules of different sizes and different backs allows Mimic to generate a wide range of seating possibilities, from the most standard to maxi formats, including poufs, making the model adapt perfectly to both home and contract applications.