WOW! Webmagazine first anniversary! Watch the first-year highlights.

The first anniversary is a most important date, for a magazine 2.0, too! We want to celebrate this anniversary with the special issue “First-year Highlights”, a selection of the most popular articles in the world (so partially different in Italian/English). What are the most interesting ones, in your opinion?
On this occasion, we express our thanks to our partner company(AkzoNobel, Aresline, Babini Office, BTicino, Caimi Brevetti, Dieffebi, EmmeItalia, Kinnarps, Luxy, Plantronics, Sedus), all readers and in particular, whose who commented on, shared and clicked I like… and most of all the 56 websurfers who have – unbelievingly! – clicked Wow! pages on New Year’s Night.
We really worked hard in this first year and we’ll keep doing it, to improve and come up to the expectations of our followers, to reveal trends in advance and propose digital contents and “analogue” projects: WOW! Jelly Sessions and WOW! Seminars cycle”Real Estate Upgrading”, organized with Ordine degli Architetti di Milano to celebrates its first anniversary in a not too self-celebratory but very concrete way with over 350 architects.
The success and very life of WOW! also depend upon interaction, remarks, sharing, hints… and “I like”… why don’t you join in?
Interactive editorial by Renata Sias, editor WOW! Webmagazine.

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