Zeta Service: the merry presence of children is nothing new.

The merry presence of children is nothing new for Zeta Service, although supporting the initiative for the very first time. But at Easter, it’s their habit to invite the children to draw, play and have fun and get an Easter chocolate egg.

The “Kids at Work Day” is just one of the many initiatives targeted to attaining a work-life balance, that Zeta Service has been carrying on, to improve wellness and satisfaction and to help to the quality of life of its workers. “Once a year we investigate the satisfaction of customers and of our “in-house customers”, as we think that the satisfied employees can offer a better service also to customers – Silvia Bolzoni, sole administrator Zeta Service, explains and adds, Before I became a managing director, I was an employee with young children, so I know the inconveniences and needs of a working mother; so I tried to attain a work-life balance also through benefits, that make the worker’s life easier; from the “butler”, who takes the linen to the laundry, to online shopping with carriage free (paid by the company), to the errands at the post office or elsewhere, and to wash the car in the courtyard of the company”.
No timecard to punch, because the results are what matters and anyone can work from home, too, if they want; there are smart-working flexibilities and technologies, but people like to go to the office for an exchange of opinions, and they love their workplace. Actually, even the new comfortable and lively offices are part of this philosophy focused on people’s wellbeing.

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