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Zumtobel: LED and lighting quality for office.

Light Fields evolution is a LED luminaire range for environments involving a variety of equirements: comprising recessed, pendant, surface-mounted, wall-mounted and free-standing luminaires.
No matter whether you work at a computer or tablet PC, use a smart phone, attend a meeting or hold a presentation: the LED luminaire range cannot fail to impress on account of its perfect lighting quality without producing any glare. This is made possible by the patented micro-pyramidal optic (MPO+). The diffuser layer of the optic resolves the LED points uniformly, ensuring perfectly glare-free light. Even at high luminous flux levels, luminance is consistently reduced, providing pleasantly distributed light even at steep radiation angles. Two colour temperatures are available for the luminaire range (3,000 K and 4,000 K). With a luminaire efficiency factor of up to 105 lm/W, the luminaires reduce the building’s energy consumption, thus making a significant contribution towards sustainable added value.
All luminaires of the Light Fields evolution range boast excellent lighting quality and energy efficiency levels. Innovative technologies are used in various luminaire types with the aim of providing the best light for people in many different office situations. 
For the recessed, surface-mounted and wall-mounted luminaires, Zumtobel has developed the 3Dprotect reflector. The reflector (patent pending) is both protection and optic at the same time. Its 3D structure protects the LED modules during installation, preventing damage from electrostatic discharge. At the same time, the structure’s high reflection factor allows to increase the luminaire efficiency level.

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