APPiness: propositions for happiness by mobile devices.

The project APPiness was made possible by a collaboration between OgilvyOne and the SPD Scuola Politecnica di Design. Six workgroups has a week to design a mobile application to improve people’s lives. Guided by Executive Creative Director Paolo Iabichino and supported throughout the workshop by the agency’s senior creative talent, including Luca Comino, Andrea Guzzetti, and Tommaso Minnetti, SPD’s creative youths designed applications to establish a virtual space for the communication and interaction between six important brands and their consumers.

The Jury: the judging panel included Guerino Delfino (CEO and Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather Italy), Paolo Iabichino (Executive Creative Director at OgilvyOne and OgilvyAction Italy) and Federico Ferrazza, Managing Editor at – which partnered the initiative. In fact, Wired decided to support APPiness because of the affinity the project’s concept has with the magazine’s mission “to change the world for the better”.

The proposed APPs promise happiness and consist of increased utility, usability, fun, and wider accessibility,embracing all lifestyles and categories of consumption: travel, money, food, mobility, fashion and communication. APPiness gave the 25 Visual Design Masters students the opportunity to explore this new space for dialogue between consumers and brands. For years the advertising course – taught by Paolo Iabichino and part of the Visual Masters at the Scuola Politecnica di Design – has been oriented towards identifying new opportunities for exchange between people and brands – beyond the product experience. More and more often brands are being called upon to engage in comprehensive well-being, so that the simple functioning of products and services is accompanied by a real improvementing our lives and routines.

The winner project: the application Get Lost was designed by Alexandra Balisova, Livia Galeazzi, Viktoria Shopolova and Olga Mikhailova to help people re-discover their desire to “explore” and to “get lost in order to discover”, a concept that’s in sync with Timberland‘s philosophy. The application’s central theme was “greenery” in cities. Discovering parks, charting unknown and unexplored green areas, identifying plants encountered along the way, moving around the city with the help of a compass, an analogue tool inserted into a digital device. These and other functions involve users and invite them to share their discoveries with others.