Art Chairs at the new headquarters Luxy.

Luxy celebrates the opening of a new venue with “Art Chairs”, an exhibition, where chairs replace the usual canvases. Opening next September 28th at 10,30pm (the exhibition continues until September 29th).
A few, old and cast-off standard models from the wide Luxy catalogue, boasting names of worldwide renowned designers (Massimiliano Fuksas, Stefano Getzel, Jean Louis Iratzoki, Luca Bressan, Perin & Toppan), change into a support to the creativity of the Marcon Auser’s artists (Marilisa Brocca, Giovanna Caputo Brugi, Clay021, Danilo Russo, Simone Cavaretta, Annarita Salvadori, Daniela Campedel, Marilena Bordin, Sandra Bonetto, Lucia De Colle, Elisa Padoan, Margò Colombo, Chiara Cadore, Monica Quintavalle, Roberta De Vettor, Annalisa Gheller, Giulia De Serio, Marilena Simionato, Rita Fantinato, Giorgia Pollastri, Fiorella Venturin, Giuliana Scatto, Carlo Scomparin, Sandra Bonetto, Diego Paronetto), to be displayed in an exhibition.
“An exhibition, where art has moved on and has found new prospects and original points of view.” explains the curator Marilisa Brocca.
“An object like the chair, which is one of the most foregone in our common life, has been transformed into an expressive medium of creativity, giving the authors the freedom to act without limits as regards materials or styles” remarks Libero Gregoletto, president of Luxy.

Title: “Sedute d’arte”
28/29 September 2013
Strada Provinciale Almisano 6, Lonigo
Curator: Marilisa Brocca.