Black and white geometries.

Black and white are still an evergreen pair.

Combined or single, they are at their best if used on pure shapes and geometric lines. They set off the contrasts both on soft curves and sharp edges. Furnitures go further beyond the basic function of an object to become a sculpture in a space.



1 Desalto, Element, design Tokujin Yoshioka.

A sculptural collection inspired from the natural crystal structure. A unique central support, a metal box that lies inclined between the top and the base, brakes the optical balance of perpendicularity introducing an unusual element. The asymmetry of the leg is the signature of the project, achieved through the company’s know how in metal work that gave birth to a project not simple on the construction basis.

2 Karboxx, Escape, design Serena Papait.

Collection of table, floor, wall and suspended lamps that has been designed in the attempt to experience the dynamism of light in a context of stillness a kind of vibration. The lamp is composed of a series of perfectly horizontal elements, parallel between them, that represent the will to search, by means of this shape, an equilibrium and natural order.

3 La Palma, Link design by Hee Welling.

Stool characterized by the slot in the back that increases the visual lightness without forgetting the possibilities of comfort.

4 Moroso, Heel, design Nendo.

A slim chair which tapers like a stiletto heel. Light and stackable it can easily be taken anywhere. Two versions are available: solid wood for a richer feel or coloured plastic for a more fun look.

5 Gispen, Fotomuseum Table, Fotomuseum Lamp, design by Richard Hutten.

Richard was commisioned to design the interior of the Fotomuseum in Rotterdam, which he did in his famous playfull way. The Fotomuseum Table is perfect for use in bars and restaurants, but also in small corners at home. The Fotomuseum Lamp gives an industrial yet playful touch to every space where a down light is needed.