Kuno Prey “teaches” the shape of objects.

To make young people and children (10-20 years of age) aware of the theme of gestaltung via the world of everyday objects; to stimulate an attitude in participants that is ethical and sustainable, a form of social respect that contributes to shaping future consumers who are both aware and critical of the incessant offer provided by the market: this is the aim of the educational project “tocchiamo la gestaltung zum anfassen” by Kuno Prey of the Faculty of Design and Art, Free University of Bozen, in collaboration with Manuela van Rossem of the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg. The preview hold at Salone Satellite Milan, will be followed, next May 18th and in June, by other lessons (90 minutes) taken by Kuno Prey with the assistance of the students of the Faculty of Design and Art. During the lessons school pupils and students can get to know and analyse certain types of objects in everyday use, observe them in detail, perceive their form (with their hands as well as with their eyes), identify the materials from which they are made and analyse their aesthetic meaning; by using them, moreover, they can test their functions. They will also examine the packaging, graphics and materials used.