Mantellassi’s offices by Fernando Mosca.

Mantellassi 1926 celebrates the worldwide success of the new collection DecoGlam, and approaches design in collaboration with Luca Scacchetti; while architect Fernando Mosca designing the new offices and show flats  “L’impero dei Sensi” (the Empire of Senses), and the extension of the factory in Gello, near Pistoia, Tuscany.

“The project is inspired by the exuberance of Mantellassi 1926 in all of its expressions” Mosca says. “The shapes, the materials, the meaning of its history and products involve all the senses in a timeless dance. Our project for the offices and showroom wants to express this timeless instant, with the goal to transform an existing industrial archeology space into emotions aroused by shapes, materials, environment and intimate relationship with the Tuscany landscape”.

The new structure provides upstairs, completely renovated, the construction of two “showflat Mantellassi 1926”, two complete large units, where every room is decorated and personalized with elements from the production of the company: furniture, upholstery, lamps, decoration: an exhibition space of 700 square meters.
Concerning the productive structure, the project includes the opening of a new carpentry workshop, with the permanent presence of carvers and inlayers.
Mantellassi is becoming a world-wide brand: with DecoGlam collection they they have taken part in the Crocus Fair in Moscow, in Beijing a new exclusive store was opened, and two branches are already operating in Dubai and Moscow, while the opening of a new showroom monobrand is scheduled for January 2015 in Doha.
Mantellassi has also recently announced a new collaboration with the Architect Luca Scacchetti to approach the world of design.
“With the Architect Luca Scacchetti we created a stimulating game”, says Roberta Mantellassi, company owner with her husband Nicola, “we are working in harmony in a new way: on one side we dig up in the tradition and decoration, on the other one we try to combine together new and old materials, trying to have the most fun as possible and impassioning more and more.”
Text by Gabriele Masi