Gesture Chair by Steelcase: video.

Gesture by Steelcase is the first chair designed to support the interactions with today’s technologies, inspired by the movement of the human body.

Technology is the single greatest force driving the changes in the way we work, live and behave. The new, multiple devices we deploy throughout our work day allow us to flow between tasks, fluidly, and frequently.
A global study was conducted by Steelcase WorkSpace Futures and the Steelcase Design Studio. 

They undertook a global posture study in 11 countries, observing 2000 people in a wide range of postures, and uncovered nine new postures as a result of new technologies and new behaviors. They studied how the human body interacts with technologies and how it responds as workers shift from one device to another. Research revealed ergonomic implications that, if not adequately addressed, can cause pain and discomfort for workers.