Loft-office Ajando, Germany.

The international renowed architect Peter Stasek’s design concept for this unusual 750 sqm loft-office for Ajando Next Level CRM, at Mannheim Harbor Park, was inspired by the quantum physics.

According to the quantum physics, material is not the building material of our world, but rather information; information is also the fundamental skill and core business of Ajando. Starting form this idea Peter Stasek developed a sort of Impossible Project where lighting, organic shapes, and a sound installation offer a new aesthetic dimension.
“The dynamics of this information flow can be seen as the driving element of the complete company -Peter Stasek explains- consequently, the architecture office made the data and information flows of Ajando visible in our corporate architecture concept”. The lay-out and and the environment express this concept “Just like with information, the visitor is to be guided in the most direct way to the place where the reason for his visit is maintained, consulted, processed and forwarded” and so the Ajando’s loft-office becomes a live cross-media platform in real life with perfect usability, created for social and informative convergence, for dialog and the sharing of ideas.
The lighting project, based on Light Waves, is coherent with this vision too “The gliding of these light particles mirrors the information flow at ajando and consequently displays the complete strategy of the company as a binding and never resting element”. Single wave-shaped LED strips illuminate the lobby, the corridors and the open-space office and create a contrast between the white pure walls and the brick perimetral masonry, while the spiral stairway shell diffuses light in a fluid way.