The Herman Miller’s showroom in Spain.

Transforming the story of a building is one of the interior design’s main goal. The Herman Miller’s showroom in Madrid, opened by Koff, company’s master dealer in Spain, brings the Living Office concept in a neoclassical edifice, an inspiring environment to find new solutions for an office’s social, physical and cognitive ergonomics.


The workplace is the center of the economic progress of a country, a laboratory for innovation where new ideas take place and great opportunities arise from a constant and dynamic movement of technology, people, and design.
Starting from this idea, Koff opened in Madrid the first Herman Miller Showroom in Spain.



Koff was born in 2004 as a logistical support of the American multinational in the country for different projects as the offices Autodesk, Amazon and Facebook, creating a network of suppliers and, meanwhile, offering a full interior design service, from the scratch to the managing of the project.



The showroom is in a 1912 imposing neoclassical building, renovated inside to host an environment inspired by the Herman Miller’s concept of Living Office: an interior design that enhances collaboration and communication, capable of fostering new talents, boosting their creativity and innovation, and offering a working experience based on physical and emotional wellbeing.



Sharing, innovation and meeting: the interior preserves its formal elegance, highlight with the different flooring, several settings of chairs and furniture inspired by the research Living Office: from the Meeting space, to the Landing (an open place where anyone can rest during the working hours), from the individual workstations of the Hive to the more collaborative Plaza at the centre of the showroom.


Several infographics and text lines on the walls expose the main characteristic of the Living Office, giving the customers some hints to understand these innovative ways of working.


Text by Gabriele Masi.


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