The new workplace according to Daniele Lago.

Interior Life represents the Lago manifesto, a message who emphasizes the responsibility of designing and realizing furnishings for all interior spaces, with the belief that everyone could influence in positive, even through them, contemporary lifes quality and so everyone’s own “interior life”.



Working your interior life
Lago wants to give it a boost and advance widespread sensations. It wants to transfer to workspace all of the experience acquired through the design of life at home, building work spaces designed in terms of individual and collective wellness, efficiency of reason and emotional intuition. It is an alphabet: planning tools and ingredients of shapes and materials that businesses and professionals can use to design interiors and bring them into harmony with their own ways of being, living and working.

Playwall 36E8 Wallpaper
An active wall. Attach, detach and reattach wherever you want.
 Playwall wallpaper has a Velcro surface for attaching lacquered metal shelves and cushions that act as headboards. The Velcro lets you move and reposition the shelves and cushions anywhere you like on the wall. Available in solid and two 36e8 pattern colourways.