WOW! meets M. Fantoni, A. Clodïus.

Meeting “on the go” with Marianna Fantoni e Andreï Clodïus at stand Fantoni  inside Salone Ufficio. The two young designers are part of the project teamwork for the new 40/70 furniture system based on relationship spaces inside workplaces.

Fantoni 40/70, design by Centro Ricerche Fantoni with Andreï Clodïus, Marianna Fantoni, Chiara Gustinelli and Michele Melazzini. The 40/70 project arose as a dynamic and “social” interpretation of the office space. It is conceived as a modular system of elements engendering an attitude of sharing and communication within the working environment. A fluid environment, where the furniture facilitates meetings and informal situations, both while working and in the spaces dedicated to moments of relaxation, without overlooking aesthetic quality and practicality. Proxemics has established that 40-70 cm is the instinctive personal space defining the informal distance between two people. The elements comprised in this family of furniture, based on essential lines, allow for a wide variety of arrangements and configurations, and for absolute flexibility of use. This collection is completed with provisions for technological integration built into the divider screens, making them even more versatile, transforming open-plan spaces into a platform for teamwork.