A crowdfunding campaign to support the “Il Cinemino”.

In Milano, close to Porta Romana, a new small cinema is coming: Il Cinemino is a cine-club, managed by a cultural Association, with 75 seasts and a tipical Milanese bar. A perfect location for informal events, too. It will open next February.

The movie-theatre Il Cinemino is eager to start a strong relationship to the district but is also set to be an International hub. A meeting point for all cinema lovers who would like to watch it and discuss about it. A place where moviemakers and audience can meet and give birth to new projects.
The idea for Il Cinemino comes from a group of friends, all operating in the entertainment business, who decided to create a place representing their idea of cinema. The love for movies, mixed with the love for Milan, is the heart of the project. Some peculiar European experiences inspired the team, which is at the same time deeply related to the city.


Porta Romana, a lively district between centre and suburbs, has been properly chosen because of its richeness in clubs, restaurants and theaters, but not yet cinemas.
Il Cinemino will offer films unreleased in Italy, Italian and Milanese productions, indipendent feature films, documentaries, short films, videoclip, VR, animations, but also movies for teens and children. Different titles will be proposed during day and night, addressed to different kind of audience. All titles will be screened in original languages with subtitles.


The cine-club will live together with Il Bar del Cinemino, a cosy and cool cafe for lunch, tea time and aperitivi, prepared with top products from Milan and the neraby regions.
The relationship with Milan is the key of the place attitude: the bar and the cine-club wish to become a meeting place to talk and discuss about culture, a nice corner to see friends  and a starting point for local projects with international ambition.
There will be the chance to rent the location for private and events.

A crowdfunding campaign was launched to support the construction of this new meeting place dedicated to cinema and culture





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