About WOW! (Ways of Working)

WOW! (Ways Of Working) is an integrated multimedia communication platform. 

The core of the platform is WOW! Webmagazine, a bilingual online monthly magazine. In five years it has become the most authoritative and representative magazine about workplace sector in Italy.

WOW! broaches the connection between the new life styles and the new ways of working and analyzes how working places and time impact on Real Estate and on the future of the cities. WOW! promotes the awareness of quality and innovation in the architecture of working and common environments, explores the emergent concepts and trends of the workplace, and pinpoints technologies and managerial strategies directed towards achieving excellent working environments.

WOW! Webmagazine (registered #430-at the Court of Milan on 12/11/12) is a monthly online magazine (not a blog!) that can be easily consulted on smartphones and tablets thanks to the responsive structure.

WOW! Webmagazine was established by Renata Sias (editor in chief) who, after a 30-year experience in professional magazines, has decided to create a versatile communication medium to meet the requirements of the 4.0 era professionals: cutting-edge, interactive, based on social networks and new sharing and networking models. In balance between digital and physical, virtual and real.

In addition to WOW! Webmagazine, the WOW! Multimedia Platform also includes:

WOW! Newsletter (fortnightly sent to a selected file of 12,000 professionals)

WOW! social pages (integrated with magazine and newsletter):
google +

WOW! events
The online communication is flanked by networking events, “physical” meetings and sharing of experiences that involve expert architects, designers, managers and professionals, specifiers and all the main actors involved in the project and in the management of the workplace.
The meetings are often organized together with Associations and Orders of Architects.

For example WOW! organized these cultural events:

Seminars with the Order of Architects of Milan and ANCE (three meetings with training professional credits) with the presence of over 350 architects each;

In the Cozzi pool, in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan, the temporary coworking “Isola WOW! Agile Work”; venue for a week of smart working meetings and training courses.

WOW! Concert in the coworking Clubhouse Brera , organized as part of Piano City Milano. The round table Office Design Hybrid was included in the Design City Milano program schedule.

The WOW! Jelly Sessions, informal and nomadic meetings, periodically organized in different locations to deal current issues related to the project and the management of the workplace with small groups selected from a network of qualified professionals.