The term Backpackcracy expresses the “power of mobility” opposed to a static Bureaucracy, the etymological meaning of which is “power of the office”. “A change of perspective, a prerequisite to cope with the volatility, agility and complexity of the current job market” explains Leonardo Previ, professor of Human Resources Management at Università Cattolica in Milan and author of the book “Backpackcracy”, the e-book will be soon available in English, too.

Bureaucracy counts on norms, no provision for exceptions, while Backpackcracy is based on improv elements in addition to the structural ones. So, should our organization require unforeseen solutions, Backpackcracy could be the right answer.
Backpackcracy is based on the key principles:
Mobility, Nimbleness, Miniaturization, Quickness, Exploration, Conviviality.
A lot has already been written about Mobility, Nimbleness and Miniaturization,
while rather new is the concept of Conviviality, something that smart business enterprises are already reclaiming through comfortable kitchens and break areas for their employees to improve informal meetings.
Quickness is a new concept of the Millenials’ culture, it means that the way of working can be changed no less quick and fast than software is changing.
The word Exploration evokes journeys to remote countries and discovering of different cultures, yet the desks, offices and ways of working of our fellow workers can be explored with equal curiosity, thus generating value added.
Following the example of the Wandering Clerics in the twelfth century, even the Backpackcrats help greatly to the dissemination of knowledge.

Here are the things a perfect Backpackcrat usually carries:
First, the Void, a space for those things we thought couldn’t be of some use.
Of course a tablet or smartphone, a small connected device,, you can always be sure, together with traditional writing tools like a pen and paper notebook;
a along with something absolutely necessary such as a book of tickets for public transportation to move and contribute to sharing economy and a folding rule to measure all that can be measured.
Finally, a black box -a cybernetics symbol- to show how impossible it is to establish transparent relationships with people we are talking to: being aware of it allows an easier solution of misunderstandings.

( In the photos backpack by Nava)


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