Bamboo facades at Green Place, Milan (GaS Studio).

It ‘s the first building in Italy using a bamboo brise soleil system. This courageous choice imagined by the designers, Goring&Straja Studio, while not being zero km, is definitely eco-friendly and highly distinctive, and has become one of the strengths of Green Place, now pending LEED Gold certification.

This office building (north-west Milan) is the first Real Estate develop in Italy by STAM; 4 floors, almost 11.000 flexible sqm; three buildings facing on a green inner courtyard and 7.500 smq for underground parking. Ground floor is designed for entrance halls, workshops and a show-room currently occupied by Renault Auto.
The objective of the project is to redevelop and improve the impact of the context in which the building is located, reinforcing the logic of the closed and compact city block.
Therefore, it was decided to reshape the building’s envelope by a regularization of the various bodies that also involves the skyline.

The eco-sustainable building -“designed by nature”, as explains Andrè Straja- is characterized by the extensive use of glass and aluminum, string courses on concrete structures, and a Bamboo screening system which gives the premises a natural component of great importance for the benefit of its users. Glass was used throughout the building on the ground floor, creating a sort of transparent base, as well as on the south-east and west facades, where it is shielded by a bamboo brise soleil system that makes for what might be called heterogeneous sunlight, because of the articulated form of the building. in fact, the brise soleil thins, thickens, and adjusts depending on solar inclination, creating an interplay of density and lightness, which makes the facades, which are already broken by changes in direction even more vibrant and mutable.
The building is pending LEED Gold C&S certification.
The terrace on Building C, in addition to providing great views from the south of the courtyard, creates a play of interpenetrating volumes on the northern front, making the facade an interesting sculptural element.
It is an “introverted building” and the inner courtyard is proposed as a connection between the various bodies and the outside, appearing to pass through the entrance on Certosa Boulevard with a sneak peek effect.
The inside stairway has a strong graphic impact, evoking Escher perspectives. It connotes  the entrance hall and offers a beautiful view of the inner garden.

Design: GaS Studio
Name: Green Place
Client: STAM Europe
General Contractor: Immobiliare Percassi
Direction: Tekne
Project Management: Prelios
Renting: JLL; DTZ
Photo: Stefano Gusmeroli

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