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ColourFutures AkzoNobel: Gold, Color of the Year 2016.

The AkzoNobel Global Aesthetic Center announced in London the Color of the Year 2016: Ochre Gold. A color strongly used in the world of architecture and interior design. The influent studio behind predicting these future color trends -in collaboration with leading design and color experts from around the world- offers inspirations into ColourFutures 2016.

“Gold exemplifies the overall theme of duality,” explained Heleen van Gent, Head of AkzoNobel’s Global Aesthetic Center. “It’s bright enough to attract attention, while subtly referring to history and heritage. So it represents a fusion of our past, our present and our future.” Another metallic color, a natural evolution and transition from the coppery orange that was the colour of the year for 2015.
It’s extremely usable: an easy wall color for the interior as well as the exterior. Although it is a true yellow, it is a warm neutral as well. Very versatile, very exciting. It combines so well with other colors, creating very different effects and fitting into different interior decor styles. It is a color we know and appreciate and it is exciting and new at the same time.” continues Heleen.

For 2016 the experts of the Global Aesthetic Center see a muted and sophisticated palette which centres on soft mid tone shades. The overall feeling continues to be warm, but with even greater subtlety.
Bright colours have moved away from primary to something more interesting. This is a friendly palette but with a dark, mysterious side.
“Colors are becoming more subtle and nuanced, even the brighter colors are intriguing and complex. Something new for this year is the Color of the Year palette: 10 colors that show how to combine Ochre Gold in a contemporary way.” concludes Heleen.

The ColourFutures 2016 offers inspirations and color palettes to work beautifully with the Colour of the Year 2016 to create a tonal effect, a relaxed neutral combination or something more surprising, especially with dark colors.
And really cutting-edge is the new Interpon’s Special Effects 2015/2018 collection: 43 different colors of metallic effect powder coating, as usual sustainable and solvent free.
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