Design Forecast Gensler: a watershed year and an amazing future!

Gensler could not do a better greeting for 2016:”The trends we see point to a future that will be amazing. As designers, we’re excited!”
The Gensler ’s Design Forecast 2015 is significant, non only because this international firm of architecture celebrates 50 years, but also because the world is making a transition. “Digital natives are starting to emerge as the leaders who will take us into the future and their perspectives will produce big transformations!”

The new generations’ perspectives on how to use technology and mobility will redefine work and the workplace, healthcare and education; the concept of resilience and wellness are being reinvented with special attention to climate change and global threats. Urbanization and global connectivity are leading to new more livable cities.
As usual the Gensler ’s Design Forecast analyzes the key factors of the change (Urbanization, Workplace, Technology, Resilience, Development, Globalization) and is an inexhaustible source of inspiration.
A large section is devoted to workplace and to 3.0 revolution generates by the new workforce generations. The workplace is becoming more urban, mobile and mixed with other activities; we do not reach the office by car, but on foot or by bicycle.
Vertical buildings and and refurbished large industrial buildings in the urban core will have an edge with Millennials, but the Corporate Campus persists, adding complimentary services, reflecting the importance of the Community and to reinforce identity and corporate culture.
Analysis of Design Forecast touch the major trends drivers of change: from energy to media, from product design to new financial services.

We enclose the full downloadable PDF: enjoy!

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