From Green Hill to ADI.

The story of Carlotta, the puppy Beagle adopted by Yara.

I wanted a dog, even if I knew that would make life difficult for me: I already had two cats and a child! So one year ago I adopted at Green Hill a puppy Beagle, Carlotta.

I’m lucky, because thanks to Luisa Bocchietto, president of ADI, I can take Carlotta with me to the office and that makes me even happier and more serene! I think it’s positive to have a pet at work: the atmosphere is more relaxing and informal. Carlotta can “loosen up” the relations between co-workers and even help to strikes up a friendship! We work with more pleasure knowing that our four-legged friend can always make us smile. Long life to Carlotta, ADI’s mascot! And heartfelt thanks to the colleagues, who allow me to keep Carlotta at work and often volunteer to dog-sitting!

Text by Yara Cutolo

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