Happiness Day+the Agile Work Day. March, a WOW! month.

March is a month full of special days. The Women’s Day will be followed by the Happiness Day and the Agile Work Day: dates that sanction some fundamental elements, closely related. Themes we are going to discuss during our next meetings organized at Isola WOW! Lavoro Agile and already covered in this issue!

The workplace we are promoting is conscious of people’s health and wellbeing;  the “Best Companies” are concerned with these aspects,  as proved by the names in the place list.
Companies who care about people and work-life balance, also involved in sustainable and corporate social responsibility projects,  manufacturing smart and stimulating workplaces to foster collaboration.  Workplaces based on trust, transparency and assumption of responsibilities, where employees are glad to work in, even when they could work remotely.
Sodexo’s survey also confirms these good practices through interview with managers from all over the world. Good news:  66% of  interviewees state that Quality of Life is of the utmost importance in their organization!
Quality of Life cannot disregard Quality of Work and Work-Life Balance, a theme the “working women” are especially concerned with, as thei work-life balance is constantly hard to get.
A vision that starts from the Agile approach to be put into smart surroundings and give people some happiness.

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