HOS, Palazzo ‘900 offices, Brescia, designed by Mario Mazzer; reception Welcome by Martex (John Bennett & Sakura Adachi).

Hos: Palazzo 900, Brescia.

On the third floor of the glamorous Palazzo ‘900, in the very heart of Brescia, there is HOS (Hub Office Solutions), an exclusive business center designed by Mario Mazzer and especially meant for professionals; it offers top quality services and offices in a most distinguishing and representative setting. Glass, steel and aluminium are the prevailing materials.

An always ready and efficient office, all-day opening, flexible to manage and not requiring a start-up investment from the user. Bright executive suites and task offices defined by glass walls ensuring excellent soundproofing to work with the members of the team or meet customers in private, informal sitting and meeting rooms. Flexible environments even as regards the layout,  thanks to the furniture systems  (Martex Anyware, design Mario Mazzer) easy to knock down and reconfigure (the engineering of the executive desk allows the fastening through 4 crews only!). Still by Martex, the storage units Galaxy and the round tables Ola (design Mario Mazzer), easy chairs and waiting settees Fifty Fifty (design Azzolini Tinuper) and the reception desk Welcome (design John Bennett & Sakura Adachi).

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