I flood myself with less light, or rather with a better light.

Switching off” is not the only solution to the problem of the waste of energy; now we should also consider the value of the quality of light and the possible, smart system and clever ways to light and consume, also through a better management of sunlight. I don’t like the defeatist attitude, I prefer to back constructive actions to reduce consumption, yet not entailing a lower quality of light. The candle light is perfect for a romantic Saint Valentine dinner… For the rest of the year: not “less” but “better”.

Alfredo Jaar, M’illumino d’immenso, 2009, Neon, 46 x 94 x 5 cm. Courtesy of the artist, New York and Galleria Lia Rumma, Milano.
Alfredo Jaar’s exhibition Abbiamo amato tanto la rivoluzione (We loved it so much, the revolution), curated by Claudia Gioia, is presented by Fondazione Merz.

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