L’Oréal Perù: beauty and wellness, Lima (3G Office).

L’ Oréal, the market leader global beauty company, has opened its new headquarters in Lima. 3G Office, international global consulting and corporate architectural services firm, was in charge of design in all its phases, from the understanding of the spirit of the company to the finer details in the execution of works.

In a building with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, 3G Office has proposed a colourful open space, where employees satisfaction and efficiency is guaranteed
L’ Oreal is in an important moment in its transformation in Perù. It seeks to step up its change to become, from a relatively small company to a big company locally, planning to increase employment by 65% in the immediate future. And has undertaken significant challenges: to become the No. 1 in the segment of beauty for its customers, and also the best place to work for its employees.
The transformation has included a major
change of style of work, where prominence is offered not only to the products of the company, but to the people who work in it. It has sought a management model based on the achievement of objectives and not on presenteeism or being seen at work And it aims at reducing hierarchy and move to a more horizontal organization where everyone is “on the same level” and all employees are treated as most important to the organization.
With those principles in mind, the focus is on creating more
smart working environments and better collaboration spaces: meeting rooms, for projects or creativity and to foster innovation. Informal meeting areas for spontaneous are provided and create the idea that every “third space” must be used to perform productively the various activities of daily life. As such, “work coffee”, held in the cafeteria space, is planned as a work and assembly area. Thus, the workplace becomes a strategic tool that increases communication, encourages cooperation and thus improves productivity.
Text by Jorge Zanoletti Larrea, President World Office Forum.



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